The association for the promotion of Art and Culture, “Alma Mater” was founded under the shelter of the school of Languages and Learning Alma Mater Avila. The objective of this initiative is to broaden the cultural landscape of literature and the arts in the city.

Among others, the aims of the association are:

  • To foment the cultural and artistic aspects in the national and international sphere and to promote the works of writers, painters, photographers, musicians, actors and artists in general, and to cooperate with organizations and entities in the world of culture for the diffusion of their works and to collaborate with centers of cultural advancement (libraries, cultural centers and associations, etc.).
  • To promote reading and knowledge of literature, music, photography, painting and culture in general; and to exchange programs and activities with other national and international autonomous associations.
  • To give the arts in all its aspects more prestige before the public opinion and before the organizations and institutions related to culture and to contribute to the diffusion of complete and unrestricted works of quality.
  • To maintain a close collaboration with public and private organizations that promote and sustain activities related to any of the cultural areas.